Big Spring Bike Garage Sale 2021 !

As some of you may have heard, good ol’ Mechanical Tempest is moving on to different pastures. We have a bunch of stuff to pass on to ostensibly better homes as we switch on our more nomadic phase.

Come and nosey around our pile which will be set up at the same place (old Caltex station in Newtown), from 1pm -4pm, this Saturday (25 September). Remember your mask and scan in/ record your visit.

Bikes, parts, tools, gear, who-knows-whats-its, and a good chinwag. Get some inspiration for what to do with bike bits here!

Koha appreciated, either as cash donation on the day, or into our bank account.

If you have a tagged bike in the container, this is also a good opportunity for you to come and collect it.

Seeyas there!