Tike Parts Burned Art

What an immense tragedy it is when there exists a multitude of bike parts, and we extinguish its purpose in the abyss of landfill – particularly when it could be turned into something…more.

Consider this qualitative sentiment not backed by any facts, but only empirical evidence. Wallow in it for just a moment, TO FUEL YOUR ARTISTIC RAGE! Arise, Upcycler Rubbishbane! The time is now!

Here are a few ways you can recreate awesomeness from bicycle parts!

1 Supa Dreamcatcha

Yeah catch those oversized dreams, so that you don’t get destroyed by hubris! From Liv-cycling

Hey hey, how about it – old bike rim, some colourful string, some hooks, some elbow grease and you have a wonderful symmetrical geometrical piece of wall art! Liv-cycling has written up a great DIY article detailing the method to construct this for yourself!

2 Bicycle Buddy Bracelets

Friendship bracelets for your cycle buddy! From Liv-cycling

The scope for creativity for bicycle jewelry is virtually limitless – with only a knife, inner tube and glue, you can make superbly intricate bracelets! This article also from Liv-cycling has instructions for basic tube bracelets but what’s stopping you from using more bike parts as addenda?!

3 Ye Classique Chain-delier

Ah clink a goblet of dry sherry, under the chains we be merry. From laughingsquid

Chandeliers are the pinnacle of extravagant redundancy for the humble light – yet it cannot be denied it is the excessive material that culminates such grandeur..sO wHy NOt BicYCLe pArTS?! Here you see the work of multidisciplinary artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, called Connect. Bask in inspiration and adoration!

4 Bike Bench

Tough and comfy – woven tubes or tyres make great seats! The good grip might even enforce good posture…From therecycler

Therecycler has some brilliant ideas from recycled bicycle parts – here’s one for you to sit on. Tubes and tyres are probably the most abundant bicycle parts that could really use some creative reuse!

5 Stair step antislips

Ain’t nobody trippin’ if they slippin’ on them stairs. From dkd.ru

Okay this is a bit more pragmatic than artistic but hey, those of us who are practical can have a shot at bringing more beautiful experiences into the world in the form of rejected bicycle.

And there ya have it folks. Go wild, get some material from the Mechanical Tempest Spring Garage Sale 2021!