Too much stuff, not enough art

There is such a thing as too much bike stuff and particularly when that stuff can be turned into art but hasn’t been.

As a free community bike shop we make a point of recycling and re-purposing old/used bikes and bike parts. We take on a lot of stuff that other people would discard. From tubes with holes in them to bikes with cracked frames. We take unwanted derailleurs, slightly used brake pads, baskets, fenders, spokes, you name it. A lot of this stuff gets put onto the bikes that people build up in our space, but sometimes these items are no longer useful on working bikes. In those situations we try to find ways to re-use things which other people may not be able to see a use for.

Bike Chain and Rim Chandelier

We recently built two stools by cutting up some bent road bike frames and leaving just the seat tube, chain stays and seat stays, popping on a comfy saddle and voilĂ ! a bike stool.

bike chain earrings, chain ring display

Currently the Mechanical Tempest has a plethora of bike tubes, tyres, and scrap metal. It would be great to see it all go to use. So we are invited artists, metal workers, fashionistas and everyday joes to come by the shop and have a go at turning some old bike parts into bike art.

too any tubes, turn them into art…