On the Radio!

We had a chat with Simon Morton of Radio New Zealand the other day for his This Way Up segment that looks at the things we use and consume. We’ll be on the air this Saturday 7 April, at 12.10pm on Radio New Zealand National 101 FM – exciting! If you’re not a regular radio listener we’ll put up the podcast once it’s available.
After getting the email on this today I started to browse through the archives of This Way Up on the RNZ website and I couldn’t resist telling you about the one on blokarting, aka land yachting. Kind of bike-related? Sort of? Cool anyway…


(photo from http://kitebuggy.johnb.co.nz/blokart.htm)

Could be an absurdly dangerous DIY project using some of our kids’ bikes?

Speaking of kids’ bikes, we sold one the other day to a gentleman named Neville who makes customised bikes for ‘little people’ for whom regular bikes are too big, such as this one (sweet colour too):


If you know someone who can’t find a bike small enough to fit them, Neville is happy to help out! Email us and we will forward his contact details.

That’s all for now folks!

– Stephanie